Make Your Own Raw Dog Food

With the unpredictability of the quality of today’s store bought dog many pet owners are making their own dog food at home. Raw dog food is one of the most popular choices and can easily be made at home. It will take some time but if you are prepared it won’t take you too long and you can make enough for a week at a time so plan to spend a hour or two a week to make your food. There are also many health benefits to making your own raw dog food at home as well as cost saving benefits, here’s a few listed below:

Dental Health: Your dogs teeth will benefit from eating raw food. As dogs eat they rip, tear and chew at the different fibers contained in the meat which helps to floss and clean their teeth. This “natural” cleaning process is better and cheaper than using some store bought product to clean your dogs teeth after they eat. It can also help to reduce bad breath which is a common problem many pet owners complain about.

Reduced Exposure To Allergens: You may not realize it but many dogs have skin problems that can be attributed to allergies caused by the additives and byproducts contained in store bought food. Keeping your dog on a raw food diet ensure they are only eating natural ingredients that you are I would eat and helps reduce any reactions they may have.

Digestive Health and Waste: You can dramatically reduce the amount of “waste” your dog produces by keeping them on a homemade raw food diet. The natural “real” food is easier to digest and causes less stomach and digestive problems in many pets. This translates to less trips outside for bathroom breaks and less waste to pickup in your backyard.

Dogs Love It: If you fill your dogs bowl with canned or bagged dry dog food and he looks at you with a face that says “no way am I eating that” you know what I mean. Most manufactured dog foods just don’t taste very good. Once you switch to a home made raw food diet your dog will be actually look forward to dinner time and be a much happier pet. This can also help to stop them from begging at the table because your pet knows they will be getting something just as good.

raw dog food

When making your own dog food it’s important to make sure your are giving your pet a balanced diet. You don’t have to make every meal perfectly balanced but as long as the nutrition your dog receives over the week is balanced he will be fine. You want a mix of around 80% muscle meat with a bit of fat in it like thighs or ground beef; around 10% organ meat such as liver or kidney; around 10% meaty bones as well as some eggs and vegetables. You may also add vitamins to the mix If you are worried about your dog not getting everything they need. It’s best to make a large batch once a week, place all the ingredients except for the bones in a food processor and pulse until its thoroughly mixed but not to fine. I use a Breville food processor I purchase here and it does a great job. I can make enough for a week since it holds 16 cups of meat.Then I portion the mix into servings and store in a freezer back so its ready to go. It may take a while for your dogs digestive system to adjust to the new diet but in a week or two you should notice an improvement in the your dogs bowel movements and they will be much healthier and happier.