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Adventure Ideas For Nature and Pet Enthusiasts

• Take your pet on a hiking trip and bring water, snacks, and collapsible bowls.  • Dog sledding is a unique winter activity with tours available all over the country.  • Visit a national park for wildlife watching and camping/glamping

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Beagle Lifespan: How Long Do Beagles Live?

Dogs continue to be essential to many families. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association data, 38.4 percent of American households own a dog. And among the consistently popular breeds, the Beagle ranks 6th. This friendly and curious breed makes

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How to Prepare Your House for a New Pet

Gather all necessary supplies for your pet, such as food, bedding, toys, and grooming items Create a designated safe space for your pet by blocking off hazardous areas like stairs or balconies Change siding if worn or outdated to ensure

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Keeping Your Pet Safe at Home

• Be aware of common hazards in the home, such as electrical cords, cleaning supplies, uneven stairs, window treatments, and toxic plants. • Make your home pet-friendly by crate training and childproofing areas where they may be present. • Protect

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A dog carrying a shoe

A Look Into a Dog’s Sensory World

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the world through a dog’s senses? Dogs have evolved to possess potent senses that allow them to detect and react to their environment in ways people can only imagine.

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