Finding Furry Friends in the New Normal

The lockdowns due to the pandemic have had the majority of people sheltering in place for almost a year. Even as these restrictions slowly begin to lift, spending time in crowded public places still remains a common cause for anxiety.

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green grass

How to Keep Your Backyard and Your Pets Safe

There are many reasons why you might want to pet-proof your backyard. Perhaps you have a dog who loves to explore and play in the yard, or maybe you just moved into an area with coyotes lurking nearby. Regardless of

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Pitbull Puppies are Your New Best Friends for Life

When it comes to adoptable dog breeds, there is much debate about Pitbulls. This dog breed has a stigma associated with them since, historically, Pitbulls were bred for aggressive activities like fighting. The “big and scary Pitbull” stereotype has made

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