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How to Prepare Your House for a New Pet

Gather all necessary supplies for your pet, such as food, bedding, toys, and grooming items Create a designated safe space for your pet by blocking off hazardous areas like stairs or balconies Change siding if worn or outdated to ensure

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Keeping Your Pet Safe at Home

• Be aware of common hazards in the home, such as electrical cords, cleaning supplies, uneven stairs, window treatments, and toxic plants. • Make your home pet-friendly by crate training and childproofing areas where they may be present. • Protect

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A dog carrying a shoe

A Look Into a Dog’s Sensory World

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the world through a dog’s senses? Dogs have evolved to possess potent senses that allow them to detect and react to their environment in ways people can only imagine.

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cat lying on the floor

How to Provide a Safe Environment for Your Cat

When you own a cat, its safety is your number one priority. After all, cats are naturally curious and love to explore, so you must always be aware of their environment. As a pet owner, you are responsible for providing

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things you need for a kitten

Being a Cat Owner: What Men Need to Remember

Owning a cat can provide men with a sense of companionship and purpose. According to the ASPCA, cats can help reduce stress levels and blood pressure, which is excellent news for men prone to heart disease. Owning a cat has

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All About the Golden Retriever as Puppies

All About the Golden Retriever as Puppies

It’s no wonder the Golden Retriever is one of America’s most beloved dog breeds. They’re loyal, friendly, and intelligent and make excellent family pets. But what about when they’re just puppies?  Many people are hesitant about getting a puppy because

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german shepherd chihuahua mix full grown

How to Raise a German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlighted pet ownership benefits. They found that pet ownership can lead to regular exercise and social interaction. Pets can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Around 69 million American households own a

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