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DIY cat wheel

How to Make a Cat Exercise Wheel

A cat exercise wheel is a rotating platform that your cat can use to run and get some much-needed exercise. These devices are becoming increasingly popular as people realize how their cats need to stay active to keep them healthy

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Why is My Dog Breathing Heavily?

Panting is normal for dogs because it regulates their body temperature and cools it down. But a dog’s heavy breathing or excessive panting is a different story. It could be a sign of something more serious.  Heavy breathing in dogs

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Top 10 Agriculture Trends and Innovations

As the world’s population grows, so does the demand for food. At the same time, advances in technology make it possible to produce more food with fewer resources. This has led to several exciting advancements in the agriculture industry in

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Transforming Your Backyard Into A Garden Oasis

Transforming your backyard into a garden oasis is an excellent way to improve your mental health and the look and feel of your outdoor space. You will enjoy spending time in your backyard more, but you’ll also have the satisfaction

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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Active in Winter

Winter can be a challenging time for pets. The impact of winter on pets can be significant. Pets can become sluggish and overweight and may also develop health problems. In addition, many animals lose their fur in the winter, leading

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How Do Fish Sleep?

For humans, sleep is essential for survival. This is the same for other mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and other animals as sleep help the body recharge. But is it the same for fish? Do fish sleep? If you own a pet

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