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5 Backyard Dog-Keeping Mistakes You Might Be Making

Dogs are great companions and can provide plenty of joy to your home. But confining them indoors can be detrimental to their health and well-being. Therefore, providing your dog with a secure, spacious backyard to play and relax in is ideal. However,

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blue nosed pitbull

Blue Nose Pitbull: What You Need to Know

There are so many reasons people love the American Pitbull. Aside from their memorable blocky head and strong face, they’re just very loving family dogs. But one variation of the breed that many don’t know of but many are also

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Five Most Infectious Diseases Among Dogs

It’s no surprise to know that Americans love dogs. It’s estimated that 68% of the population has at least one dog. These dogs can do various things for their owners, such as provide companionship, perform tricks, help with mental and

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DIY cat wheel

How to Make a Cat Exercise Wheel

A cat exercise wheel is a rotating platform that your cat can use to run and get some much-needed exercise. These devices are becoming increasingly popular as people realize how their cats need to stay active to keep them healthy

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Why is my dog breathing heavy

Why is My Dog Breathing Heavily?

Panting is normal for dogs because it regulates their body temperature and cools it down. But a dog’s heavy breathing or excessive panting is a different story. It could be a sign of something more serious.  Heavy breathing in dogs

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