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Things to Know About German Shepherd Terrier Mix

Things to Know About German Shepherd Terrier Mix21

Pet ownership offers many benefits, such as increased opportunities to exercise and socialize. Walking, playing with, or grooming your pet can decrease high blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Additionally, pets can provide companionship that helps manage loneliness and depression.

The National Pet Owners Survey for 2021 to 2022 shows that around 70 percent or 90.5 million US households have at least one pet at home. Out of the number, about 69 million households have a dog. 

Due to this, many families celebrate National Puppy Day every March 23rd of every year. Dog owners have outdoor activities for puppies to meet other dog lovers and share their love for the animals.

Two popular dog breeds are the German Shepherd and Jack Russell Terrier. But another dog breed, the German Shepherd Terrier Mix, is gradually gaining the attention of dog lovers across the country.

What is a German Shepherd Terrier Mix?

The German Shepherd Terrier Mix is a crossbreed between a German Shepherd and a Jack Russell Terrier. These adorable dogs are friendly, intelligent, and quite active. With their mix of the best qualities from both parent breeds, these pups make excellent companion animals for families and individuals.

These breeds are perfect for a dog lover looking for a loyal companion who loves to play outdoors and spend time with them. These pups are energetic, intelligent, and full of personality. But before visiting animal shelters and bringing one home, it’s essential to understand what to expect from these clever canines.

Origin of the German Shepherd Terrier Mix 

The German Shepherd Terrier Mix has a strong work ethic since they were initially bred as working dogs. Intelligent and trainable, these characteristics make German Shepherd Terrier Mixes an excellent choice for families with young children or active adults. They also have remarkable protective instincts.

This breed is relatively new and was created through crossbreeding the German Shepherd Dog and different terrier breeds, including the bull terrier, Boston terrier, airedale terrier and American pit bull terrier.

German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is a large, agile, and muscular dog. It is known for its noble character and high intelligence. The loyal, confident and courageous German Shepherd makes an excellent family dog. 

These dogs have an impressive height of up to 26 inches tall, and their smooth curves displayed in an outline make them a good dog to have around.

These intelligent dogs tend to have a free and easy trot. 

They are excellent at learning commands and will be loyal to the family they belong to. These dogs are also ideal protection dogs as their courageous character makes them alert enough to be good watchdogs.

Whether it’s being a steadfast protector or a good family dog, an energetic German Shepherd is a highly capable dog with impressive skills!

Jack Russell Terriers

England’s “Sporting Parson,” Reverend John Russell, developed the Jack Russell Terriers. They are known for their grit, tenacity, intelligence, and enthusiasm. Recent studies have found that Jack Russell Terriers don’t just make excellent pets, they also make the perfect search-and-rescue dogs due to their hunting instinct.

The little Jack Russell may be pint-sized, but it is also a good hunting dog. These energetic dogs need to get plenty of activities and exercises. These active dogs are vocal and love to explore. But Jack Russell is also known for their gentleness and friendliness with people.

The Jack Russell is perfect for a dog owner looking for an active companion with a solid work ethic.

Size and Colors of the German Shepherd Terrier Mix 

Mixed breeds of dogs usually have characteristics from both parents, and the German Shepherd terrier mix is no exception. This mixed breed is an excellent option for those who want a mid-sized dog that does not shed too much and is relatively easy to groom.


Adult dogs of this breed can range from 24 to 32 inches in height, while they could also range from a few centimeters shorter or taller than this. So, the cross between the two breeds can result in a medium or large dog.

Although male German Shepherd terriers are generally larger and taller than their female counterparts, both genders will have an athletic body that is lean but muscular and compact. Males can weigh from 65 to 90 pounds. On the other hand, females can weigh from 50 pounds up to 70 pounds.

Coat Colors

This hybrid dog breed has a double coat that can result in moderate to severe shedding. During the periods when they shed significantly, they will also produce a lot of furs.

The usual hair colors of this breed are black and brown, but there can be variations in reds and whites. In particular, some dogs may have white patches, such as on the chest area. The coat is usually short and dense. It is generally straight but can be a bit wavy in some cases. The physical appearance of the GSD mix is similar to its German Shepherd parent. It has a wolf-like appearance, with triangular ears and a long tail.

Diet of the German Shepherd Terrier Mix 

The diet of this active dog breed is similar to the macronutrient requirements of other dogs. So, you do not have to worry about nutrition if you plan on adopting a Shepherd Terrier mix.

They need a diet with high fat and protein content to maintain their lean muscle mass. Additionally, puppies need extra care when it comes to feeding. They may not be large enough to be considered part of the “large breed” category, so you should plan for their growing needs accordingly.

Weight and Size

Their weight and size determine their food requirements. These requirements also change as they grow bigger. A fully grown German Sheperd mix needs five to six cups of food in either a wet or dry diet. Give them some water for added hydration if you feed them with kibbles.

Puppy Formula

For puppies, your best bet is to stick with commercial dog food formulas. These foods have been specially designed to support the fast growth of these dogs. They are usually higher in protein, fat, and calories than adult diets, so make sure that you monitor your puppy’s weight closely and adjust their feeding plan accordingly.

In addition to a high-quality diet, it is crucial to ensure that your German Shepherd Terrier mix gets plenty of exercise. These dogs have an abundance of energy and thrive on activity. Whether you take them for long walks, play with them in the yard, or enroll them in a doggy daycare program, it is vital to keep your dog active to maximize their overall health and well-being.

The Temperament of German Shepherd Terrier Mix

The GSD mix is a fantastic dog known for its loyalty, playfulness, and friendly nature. This puppy loves to be around people and gets along well with children and other pets in the household.

But it would help if you understood that the breed’s personality could vary widely from one dog to the other. Some of them are fiercely protective, and you will often see them standing their ground in the face of threats or danger. However, others may be less inclined to do so and require some training.

The GSD mix is a highly intelligent breed always eager to please its owner and take on a new trick. These dogs can become extremely friendly, loving, and confident when given positive reinforcement and proper socialization opportunities at an early age. However, they will not reach the same level of friendliness as a Labrador Retriever.

Highly Trainable

The extreme intelligence of the breed makes them easy to train. They can also become devoted to their owners. But they also require plenty of mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. Otherwise, they can exhibit destructive behavior if you do not channel their energy in the right direction.

But one of the red flags every dog owner should know about a mixed breed is that you should not expect them to perform the same as purebred dogs. Since most terriers do not have the trainability and intelligence level of German Shepherds, mixed breeds may also not display these characteristics.

The breed is also a good guard dog. Its loyalty and protective nature can help keep your home and family safe from threats, intruders, or even strangers.

Overall, a German Shepherd mix can be the ideal pet for you and your family. They need proper training and a loving owner to reach their full potential. They are not recommended for first-time dog owners due to the challenging nature of this breed. But if you are up for the challenge, you will be rewarded with an energetic, intelligent companion for life.

Common Health Issues of a German Shepherd Terrier Mix 

The longer lifespan of the German Shepherd Terrier Mix allows them to live between 10 and 15 years. But the higher life expectancy can be threatened by several health issues, including hip and elbow dysplasia, glaucoma, deafness, bloat, patellar luxation, degenerative myelopathy, and allergies.

Dog owners should also recognize the importance of ensuring their pets may also suffer from obesity. You can prevent this health issue by setting up a regular exercise routine and feeding them nutritious foods.

You should also ensure to bring your pet to a veterinarian regularly. The veterinarian can help to diagnose any health issues and recommend the proper medications if required.

Overall, a German Shepherd Terrier Mix requires regular care and attention to keep them healthy and happy. These dogs can lead long and active life with the right care and nutrition.

If you’re thinking about adding this dog to your family, there are several things you should know before bringing them home. This hybrid dog can be loyal and protective of its family but requires plenty of mental stimulation and exercise to stay healthy and happy. They are highly trainable but may not have the same level of intelligence as purebred dogs. The breed is also a good guard dog. A GSD mix can make an excellent addition to any family with proper care.

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